Sunday, May 15, 2016

Getting into a bit of real training now. Update week ending 5-15-16

 I had no soreness at all from the Medoc Trail Race and got started on the week with a strong 6 miles at home on Monday.

 Tuesday was another 6 at home but I was feeling a bit tired even though the pace was still normal.

 I was rushed for time on Wednesday but had already decided to take a rest day.

 Thursday afternoon on a hot and humid day I went for a test run on the course for next weekends 10K in Umstead. I ran well even with the heat and being dehyrated from the start. More on that in a minute. The final finishing hill is nearly a half mile and the first 200yds are so steep my heels never touched the ground ! That is going to be a fun way to finish a race !

 Friday I stopped at the neuse greenway on another muggy day. Not quite as bad as Thursday and with the flat course my pace was quicker.

 Saturday I ran from home in the morning. Nice and cool but still humid.

 And Sunday I was ready to get back to putting in  a bit more distance. It was near perfect weather and as good as you can expect in NC mid May. About 50F and lower humidity. I felt good and put in a very consistent 12 miles at 8:46 pace which was my longest run since Boston 4 weeks ago.

 Ok, about that being dehydrated before Thursday and Fridays runs. I went to two bikram Yoga classes with guest teacher Mary Jarvis. Or normal classes are 90 minutes but these lasted 2:15 and 2:25 and Thursdays was off the charts hot and humid. I lost 6 lbs even after drinking almost 3 lbs of water during and immediately after class.  Lost another 6 on Friday so it was tough rehydrating fully. Finally got caught up Saturday !

 In addition to my best week this year with 41.2 miles, all averaging between 8:44 and 8:57 pace and the two Bikram classes I had a body weight day, 2 weights sessions and a core workout.

 I'm ready to start adding in some workuts and not just putting in the miles now but with a race next weekend on the hills that will be a hill repeats day and no speedwork just yet.

 Stay tuned for more fun !

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