Sunday, November 02, 2014

Training update thru 11-2-2014

 It's nice to finally be able to post a training report and actually have  some  run training to talk about again. After the Marathon in Verona Oct. 5th I took off a couple of days and just did the tourist thing until I did a 3.4 mile run the morning of my flight home for one more look around beautiful Peschiera Del Garda. Things were pretty hectic the next few days and I was very tired from jet lag but  I finally got back on track on Sat. the 11th when I met up with Lisa for  some miles . A very slow 8.6 but you got to start somewhere.

  From that day things have gone very well. I only missed one day of running over the next 3 weeks. Mostly easy runs and not too long as I want to be smart about getting back to normal again. I did get in a few faster paced workouts just to test things out. A short session of mile repeats went much better than expected and I was a bit surprised I could reach that speed already. Another run at half and marathon race pace this past week also went very well. I got on the hills a few times too and felt strong. This past weekend I finally got in a longer run returning to Umstead for a loop and had a good amount of zip even going up steep B. My mileage is back to the mid to low 30's per week so far.

 I didn't get in much cross training in Italy although I did get some  of my single leg squats and bridges done. Gotta keep working those to keep my glutes strong ! Since returning I have been doing them 6 days a week and I got right back to the normal routine alternating days of core and body weight and free weight stuff, sometimes twice a day and I'm as strong as ever there.

 I also have been back to Stiner Massage a couple of times since the return. The injured hamstring is 99% now and he worked some magic on a painful psoas and some stuff in my other leg from the cramping at Verona. His work and the exercises combined have me back on track and confident I will be racing for that marathon pr and BQ in the early Spring as planned.

 Stay Tuned ! 

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