Wednesday, June 25, 2014


After the awesome 1st half of the year I am looking forward now to an awesome 2nd half but it will be a bit different. and quite a bit different than I had plan back last January when I was making the schedule for the year.

  As I mentioned in an earlier post after the disappointment at Myrtle Beach  and with the marathon training going so well I began to look at more opportunities to not only get a Boston Qualifier but a marathon pr. To do so would require some changes in the schedule so here is what the new plan looks like.


 As expected  nothing else came up so I am looking forward to one of my favorite weekend getaways to Grandfather Mountain Marathon. I'm kind of hoping to take a shot at a sub 4 this year but that decision will probably be made depending on the weather and how I feel when I hit the first climb just past the 2 mile mark !


 I have no plans but training hard although I may jump into a 5k  if I can work it out.  It would be good speedwork and I haven't run one now since last August.


 This is one of the biggies. Heading to The Erie Marathon at Presque Isle for a BQ attempt. With the odd timing of this one coming in the middle of the Boston entry period I have a long shot at actually getting in to the 2015 Boston after all if I run fast enough. Back in January I thought I was going for another 100 miler pr this month but that changed with the decision to chase the marathon pr.


 This is a big one but in another way. Heading overseas for the first time ever to run The Verona Marathon in Italy with a group of friends. This one will be just for fun and I will take my time and take lot of pictures along the way.

  Then the last weekend of the month I am returning to the NCRC event, The American Tobacco Trail 10 mile. I ran it the first year it was held 8 years ago and I will tell you I will be very disappointed if I don't run much faster this year !


 This is another change from earlier plans. I thought I would be going for the 24 hour pr at Croatan but decided against that and will return once again to The OBX Marathon and have some fun with my friends again. This is one  that I will probably wait to decide how I will run it. I have never had a good race here but I have had a lot of fun the years I ran with Karla. Next year I will definitely be running it with her as it will be the 10th and the anniversary of us running it together while she was still undergoing radiation treatments. So if the weather is good and training is good I might be trying one more time to "race it" this year.

  Same thing later in the month when I return to my 11th straight Derby 50k. Run it easy or go for the 50k pr while I am at it. That would give me 3.5 months to get ready for the big pr attempt next year.


 As usual nothing but recovering from Derby and training.

 Well that's the plan . Stay tuned and see what really happens !


The Fan said...

At the USA T&F Champ.Alysia Montano runs a 2:32.13 800m at 8 mos pregnant . .I couldnt hang with her,could you Ultra?

runjoey said...

no, I would have had a hard time 30 years ago doing that