Monday, June 17, 2013

Bighorn Wild and Scenic 48 miler

I'll make this short since my race was short.

 Awesome race, gorgeous scenery. A postcard view around every turn. Felt great and ran amazing 1st 50k.

 Got dark, freezing cold and things went really bad very quickly.  Struggling to move fast enough to warm up. Knew I was in trouble. Stopped a remote aid station and tried to warm up a little and drink some hot broth by the fire but knew I had to make it the next 4.5 miles to the top at mile 48. Had them get me a trash bag to help block the wind. Headed out but was soon stumbling like a drunk. Nearly fell off a log bridge over a swift flowing creek and had to crawl on all 4's. Using what mental capacity I had left to force myself to keep moving to stay alive. Shoe sucking mud slowed me more. Teeth chattering and uncontrollable shivering and finally I could see the aid station.

 Stumbled inside and was soon under the care of a couple of awesome nurse angels. They removed my shoes and socks and dried my feet and put dry socks on me. Put a heating pad on my chest and heated gel packs under my armpits.Finally set up a cot and covered me in about 6 blankets. After about 15 minutes after I was in there they took my temp and it was still only up to 94. They took turns working on me, sitting me up and forcing broth and coffee into me until I finally stopped shivering. After an hour  I was transported back to town.

 The end.

 PS. Everything about the event is top notch with wonderful organization and volunteers and support from the local community. highly recommend if you are looking or a beautiful but tough race.

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Unknown said...

Joey!! You did great! I cant imagine even attempting one mile of it! Love your photos!