Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bighorn Wild and Scenic 100-Preview

Time to head off for another big adventure, this time in the remote Bighorn National Forest of Wyoming. I  love to take my summer vacations and head West into the mountains. This is a tough one with 17,500 ft of climb and 18,000 feet of descent on an out n back course up and down through canyons on the way to the high point around 10,000 at the turnaround. Along the way I may encounter all kinds of wildlife from moose elk, bears, cougars, rattlesnakes and who knows what else.

  Temperatures can range from 100f in the canyons to sub freezing at night in the high country. This years forecast is looking like one I would prefer. Range of 77 to 42 at the start finish area which is around 4090 ft. So I expect it will not get too hot in the canyons hopefully but I imagine it will be freezing at night in the higher elevations. Oh yeah !

 My only goal for this one is to finish, get my buckle and a WS qualifier, have fun and take a lot of pictures along the way. There is a 34 hour cutoff and I think I will shoot for about a 30 hour time if things go well. The race is going to try to have live runner tracking this year with check points at about 13, 30 48, 66 and 82 miles and of course the finish. I hope to reach that 48 mile point in about 13-14 hours but we will see. Start time is 11am on FRIDAY ! and that is Mountain time . If you go to the race website, you will see a link in the left border that says current results. just click on there. I will be sharing part of the trip with another triangle area friend. Dave Cockman so you can track him Also  Doug Blackford from Todd NC and Mohamed  (Sultan) Idlibi from Charlotte are racing.

 Stay tuned !

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