Sunday, January 06, 2013

Die Grande Experiment Zwei. January update

 In the early December update we were just getting started on a speedwork phase and looking forward to over a month with no competition. This was the first full month where we could  fully recover from November races and focus solely on the training.  I had a great mileage month in December and even with the holidays, Amy was able to put in a very good month for her.

  We continued with the speed work with 800's and mile repeats at a pace which surprised me. I was really not expecting things to go as well as they did for either of us. All the miles have been paying off and in Amy's case she seems to really respond well to the workouts.  In addition to the speed, we were able to get in a few good strong long runs and some faster paced mid week runs.

  We began this month with the last of the speed sessions which went very well and now it's time to move into the stamina phase which will include a lot of longer efforts at 10 miler and half marathon pace as well as long intervals at marathon race pace. Or least that's what we should be doing. I hope that Amy can stick with the program while I am actually tapering for a 50 miler next weekend. It was kind of a funny conversation last week when I told her we were right on track and not to do anything stupid. Like run a 50 miler and go for a pr ! But after all, that's what the Grand Experiment 2 is all about isn't it?  

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