Thursday, November 03, 2011

Training update and Mountain Masochist preview

Now, isn't that a lovely picture? I took that photo of Buck Mountain at around mile 25 in the 2006 race where I set my course PR. I'm very excited to finally be returning and take a shot at lowering that pr. I've only been once since then ,back in 2008. I was not in very good shape that year with the nagging injuries but I wanted to give it a try anyway. It was Jenn the Ultra Angel's first attempt and I wanted to share as much of it as I could with her. It was a perfect day for running and we stayed together until half the way up Buck Mountain, around mile 28 when I had to let her go ahead. I would drop out about 5 miles later.

I'm looking for things to be much different this year and the forecast is once again looking like near perfect running conditions. I'm feeling very confident with my training the past couple of months. After a hot muggy day and a disappointing effort at Hinson Lake, I recovered very quickly and began trying to log more mileage in the cooler Autumn weather.

I put up some good training numbers and then had a strong run at the Medoc Marathon with no taper. A couple of easy days after that and I was right back to it and feeling great. A week later I put in 52 miles and followed that up last week with 60 more with a couple of quality workouts. And the best thing is the right achilles tendon that has been bothering me since late April just stopped hurting about 2 weeks ago. I guess I ran it into submission. This week I have cut back with just some 6 milers and each day I have felt better with more zip in my legs so I'm hoping this will mean good things are in store for the race Saturday.

Here is my report from that 2006 race with a link to some pictures

Here is a link to the race website. There should be live updates here. My bib 3 is 218.

Jenn is returning and I'll have lots of other friends running to including Dorothy Hunter who is going for her 10th finish. there are several friends from the Raleigh area going for their first so I'll be wishing them good luck and offer the best info and encouragement that I can.

Stay tuned for the results !

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