Friday, November 25, 2011

Another PR attempt in store for Derby 50K

The question is, how far will I hold pace this time before the wheels come off?

My readers might have another question or two. Like, is he really that stupid? I don't know , maybe I'm the eternal optimist but for some reason I still believe if I keep trying one of these days I'm going to actually be able to run 9 minute pace here for all 31 miles and not for just 26 or 27 and blow up. Is he insane? He's a week away from turning 56 and after 10 years of ultra's and his 8th attempt at Derby he actually thinks he can run faster than ever?

This will be my 8th time running Derby, the only streak race I have going. It has become a Thanksgiving weekend tradition for me since it's inception 9 years ago. I didn't run that first year because at the time I didn't think I should run it so soon after my first 50 miler so I volunteered and ran one lap with the Finkles. I loved being there and regretted not running but with some luck , I have not missed one since. I almost did miss it in 2008 due to my nagging injuries that year. I was in doubt of being able to finish so I just ran slowly and got through it and then took a full year off from ultra's. A year later in 2009 it was my 1st ultra on the come back and I ran that one with The Marathon Princess, for her first ultra.

Each of the other 5 attempts were going for pr's and I was successful in 4 of those years. Last year I made it on pace through mile 27 before slowing way down and having to run/walk. The first pr was in 2004 and then I improved in 05, 06 and 07. The funny thing is that I broke all those pr's the next January each year at the Frosty 50k so I was always competing against a FF time and not a Derby time.

My first goal was to run a 10 minute pace for 50k . I finally did that the first time in 2005 at Derby and after that I set my goal for 9 minute pace. In 06, 07 and 2010 I was on pace through the marathon point but the wheels always come off or as in 2006 I got cramps and had to run/ walk the last few miles. In fact the only one of the 7 finishes so far that I ran the whole way was in 2008 when I was worried if I could even finish the distance. Although it was my slowest time since the first one in 04 I felt great.

Going into it this year I wasn't sure if I would be able to recover enough after MMTR to go for it but my training has been great and I've had quick recoveries after all 3 of my ultra's this Fall so I'm going for it once again. My course pr is 4:46:58 from 2007 but my overall pr is now 4:44:11 from the 2010 FF so it's not going to be easy. If I can just get another 3 or 4 miles before the wheels fall off.

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Unknown said...

Good LUck Joey!! I know you can do it!!