Thursday, December 09, 2010

26 Miles To go

This video is a song I wrote and recorded back in 2006. I was driving back from Virginia and it came to me while cruising down I-95 and I wrote it on a notepad as I was driving. Not the smartest thing to do but I knew if I didn't write it down while it was flowing from my brain that I would lose it. The inspiration was from the experience of training and qualifying for the Boston Marathon and the group of people who were a big part of that.

Now that I had the lyrics I was determined to make it into a song but I didn't know if I would have the necessary skill to actually pull off what I was hearing in my head. I also had no way of recording it so I used it as an excuse to go to Guitar Center and buy a Digitech GNX4 guitar processor with a built in digital recorder. As soon as I arrived home I set it up in my kitchen and began trying to figure out how to use the machine and practice the song.

I became very excited as I soon figured out that I would actually be able to do what I wanted. The first thing was to get the intro recorded and after I was satisfied with it I set the drum machine to the tempo and beat I wanted and recorded the guitar rhythm track with my Stratocaster played thru a Crate XT120R amp. If I had more time and access to a better recording software I would have been able to do more with the basic track but since I didn't I was limited to a very simple line with the drum machine.

Next I used the Ibanez bass guitar I had given my younger son to lay down the bass track. Then it was time to record the vocal track. I was not really satisfied with the singing but under the circumstances I was happy just to get it done. Next I took the whole set-up over to a dinner at Margo's house and had all my friends sitting around the dinner table to sing along on the chorus.

The next day i went back and recorded the lead fills and solo guitar to complete my first ever recording !!

here are the liner notes I added for the cd

"Once a decade someone comes along to
shake up the Rock establishment.
Anderson will affect everything you
listen to for at least
the next 10 years."
Creamed Magazine

"Each generation has it's Guitar hero
to inspire millions of young people
to pick up a guitar.Hendrix,Van Halen,
Stevie Ray
Joey Anderson is our Guitar Hero for
the 21st century"
Geetar Playa Magazine

50 years in the making. Well the wait
was more than worth it. Every so often
an artist or band comes along and
completely changes how we listen to
music. From Elvis to the Beatles.
Led Zeppelin and Arena rock. The Sex
Pistols and Punk. The re-birth of
Metal in the 80's. Nirvana and Grunge
in the 90's. Now we have, well I'm not
really sure what we have but it's really
good. And I should know.

(Insert name of your favorite Rock Critic)

Track One: 26 Miles to Go
written by Joey Anderson
Track Two: Moonlight Boogie
written by Joey Anderson
Track Three: Hinson Lake Blues
written by Joey Anderson
Track 4: I'm an Ironman
written by Joey Anderson ( are you seeing a trend here?)

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