Monday, February 01, 2010

more snow running

After work I was able to make my way over to Umstead Park this afternoon for another run in the snow. I was looking forward to getting into the park and having a peaceful run. I knew the roads would be treacherous today with cars getting out and about and the slush and ice getting more slippery.

The gate to the Reedy Creek entrance was closed so I parked on Old Reedy Creek Road. When I ran the half mile to the bridle trail I was a little surprised at how many others had already been out in the park this weekend. Lots of foot prints and bike tracks had made for a rough running surface in the snow. Once I got to the fountain footing was a little better as I begin to run in the tracks the Park Ranger's truck had made but I still had to be very careful, especially running downhill.

The forest was beautiful as I expected and it was a wonderful day to be out but it took a lot more than my normal effort to run and my pace was about a minute per mile slower than normal. I practically had the place to myself for the 10.4 miles I ran. I only saw a couple of people walking dogs and four other runners. That was a bit funny. I waved and said "good Afternoon" to the first two I saw. No response. Twenty yards behind them was a woman. I wave and say "hey". No response. The 4th runner was another woman another 20 yards back. Same result. Hmmmm, either these are a bunch of self-absorb snobs or I had forgotten my Ultraman Joey powers include invisibility.

I took some more pictures while I was out there and added them to the photo web album from this weekend. Here is the link again.

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Neil Zee said...

I get that all the time. If I am running alone, no women ever says hi back to me. If I am in a group I always get a hi back. I think they think I could be a pshyco... OR like you say, invisibilty is always the strongest attribute for me when running alone.