Friday, January 02, 2009

Looking ahead to 2009

2009 promises to be an interesting one and a lot different than the past several years have been. The biggest difference is that I don't plan on running any ultras this year with the exception of Derby next November, if I feel I'm in PR shape for it. I will probably get in at least one "non-official" ultra in April when I pace the Trail Princess for 37.5miles at Umstead for the 4th time.

There are three reasons why I'm not planning on the ultra's. Number one is that I had DNF's in my last three 100/24 hour attempts and I feel my body as well as my mind need a break from the long ones. Number two, is the injury issue I've been dealing with all year. And number 3 is because this is the year of the Ironman. This will probably be my only attempt at doing one so I have devoted the first 6 months of the year to training for June 21st. After that I will focus on getting some leg speed back and try to qualify for Boston again in the Fall. I promise if I am physically able, I will be back strong into the Ultra's in 2010.

So here are the plans I'm sure of:

Feb. 14th- run the Myrtle Beach Marathon with the Marathon Princess

Mar. 14th- Azalea Festival Sprint Triathlon

Apr 4th- Pace and volunteer at Umstead 100

April 25th- Riverwood Sprint Tri

May 2nd- White Lake Half-Ironman

May 30th- Over the Mountain Olymoic Distance Tri

June 21st Ironman Cour D' Alene

July 11th Grandfather Mountain Marathon

Aug 8th Bandit's Challenge Olympic Distance Tri

Aug. 22nd- Sportsplex Sprint tri

Sept 12th- Patriots Half- Ironman

Nov. 8th OBX Marathon ( Boston Qualifier attempt hopefully)

Nov. 28th - Derby 50K

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