Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hinson Lake 2007

Some things you just can't explain. You just have to accept it and move on. I went into the weekend at HL confident that my training would allow me to improve on my 103.3 miles from last year, but a lot can happen in 24 hours and not all of them good. Short and to the point, I just didn't have a good day.
I felt very good early in the run but after reviewing last years splits, I was a little behind pace all day. As usual, I had a bad spell around 36 miles in but soon I was able to turn things around and at 12 hours I was within a half mile of last years pace and running well, putting in some good lap times. A couple of hours later I was struggling but eating and electrolytes weren't helping. Finally after almost 16 hours and 69.9 miles I decided I wasn't having fun anymore, turned around and quit to save it for a better day.
Other than disappointment at not meeting my expectations, I had a great time. Tom Gabell and his family and volunteers did a great job with the event. The race was full of so many friends and members of the MTC. I set up my stuff alongside Ben Dillon and Joe Lugiano, friends from the NCRC( Ben is a recent member of the MTC). Their wives Linda and Hannah are great supporters of these guys and were very helpful in looking after me too.

Here is a link to some photos taken by Sue Norwood.

Congratulations to Brad Smythe and Anita Finkle for winning

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