Friday, December 09, 2016

Kiawah Island Marathon preview and training update

 When I signed up for this one early in the year the plan was to come off of a strong Autumn of building up from the shorter races and use the speed built over the summer to crush a fast marathon and BQ. Only problem with that plan is somehow along the way I seem to have left out all of the long runs in the training.  Since Boston in April I have done one 14 miler about 7 weeks ago and the half marathon 4 weeks ago. A couple of 12 milers and thats it. Hmmm. Things could get ugly towards the end.

   So, here I am in really great shape for racing up to the half but really unprepared for the long one.  But miracles do happen, and in fact most of the 2nd half of this year has been a miracle so maybe it won't get too bad. The plan now is to just go out easy and use it as a training run. Nice thing is that my current BQ pace, 8:58 is actually slower than my easy training pace up to the half. Lately I have been running about 8:45ish  for easy runs. Who knows, maybe muscle memory and a good day will let me carry that pace all the way. Or not. We shall see.

 The course has been changed but still remains perfectly flat and the weather is looking great. About 34F at the start and warming to the upper 40's. Marathon racing weather !

 Here is a link to the race website.

 The training has been going well since the 5k two weeks ago. I had no soreness or downtime afterwards and followed up with a strong week of training getting in 34 miles and all at a strong pace. Also had 3 bikram yoga classes, some more yoga homework, 2 weights sessions at the gym and tibetans on 4 days.

 This week I've only gotten in a couple of 5 milers but both were awesome with my stride feeling strong and smooth at 8:30 pace and easy effort. Also got in  3 more bikram yoga classes,  another weight session, a body weight day and more tibetans.

 Staye tuned and look for results soon ! And wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

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