Saturday, September 10, 2016

3 more weeks of training and Oak City Mile Preview

 I'll be racing in the Oak City Mile on Sunday 9-11 , my first time for this event held on Hillsborough Street and the last of my mile races this Summer. Oak City is a fairly flat course for Raleigh with only 47 feet of elevation change on the out and back course.

  After my last track race I took a month off from doing any speedwork to give the legs  and body some recovery but I returned to the track two weeks ago for some sharpening. I was pleasantly surprised on an 80 degree muggy, sunny morning to run my most consistent and fastest average 200's workout of the year. Then I followed that up this week with some strong 400's and my best 200's in many years. I expect the race is going to be very hot with a high predicted of 89F for the 2pm start. Even so I am hoping to run close to my goal of 6:30.

 I did get my weekly mileage up slightly with 24 and 25 mile weeks helped by a few days of cooler drier air before the heat came back with a vengengeance this week. Sitting at 14 this week with just the race tomorrow. Not running today !

 And as always, lots of other stuff. Still getting in about 4 hot yoga classes  week with 11 classes this 3 weeke period. And I got in another13 workouts of  body weight, tibetansand other fun stuff. A little slack on the weights with time for just 3 visits but made it twice this week.

 Stay tuned for the resuts and plans for the coming weeks !

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