Thursday, November 01, 2012

Det Store Eksperimentet 2 update

 As we move now into November, the training is going to get a little tougher and a bit more specific to the ultimate goal but the harder part is to do the training while still running a marathon and a 50k this month.

  The 100 miler is now behind me and the recovery has gone remarkably well. As trashed as my legs were after that I thought I had really screwed myself up and it would be weeks before normal training could commence but within 4 days I was out for a test run with Amy and I was able to easily run my normal easy pace with just minor soreness.By the weekend I was on the hills of Umstead for a 13.6 miler with Amy, Karla and Jenn and then I followed that up the next week with a 56 mile week including another max effort hill workout with Amy. She is starting to show improvement now and getting her mileage up a bit also and just a week after Hinson Lake she ran a great 5k showing that a lot of the speed she'll need is still there. At that hill workout last week she had stepped up to a whole new level from the previous workouts.

 We are now in somewhat of a slight taper with the OBX marathon coming up on Nov.11th but we are still putting in some good miles at a good pace his week including a 6 mile progression run that finished at tempo pace.  Karla is looking to be in great shape with strong long runs and mid distance runs at  or faster than marathon goal pace for OBX and we have a couple of more runs scheduled this week in preparation. After a little recovery from OBX we'll start doing some speedwork  to prepare ourselves to handle the long runs at marathon pace later on.

 So , a few more quality runs this week and then we'll take it pretty easy next week. Stay tuned for more on OBX and the continuing Det Store Eksperimentet 2 ! (that's Norwegian in honor of Karla's family heritage)

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