Thursday, October 04, 2012

Il Grande Esperimento-October update

  Recovery from the Badgerland 24 hr seems to be complete. Over the past couple of weeks I have been able to continue putting in good mileage weeks. I ended up the month of September with 274 which is a new personal best for miles run in a month. This included a couple of 20 milers with Karla, THE Marathon Princess. The first one was a bit tough and I faded badly trying to keep up with her on a warm muggy morning. Two weeks later (last weekend) I was able to run stronger on a bit cooler but still humid morning and we averaged 30 seconds a mile faster. I followed that up with walking 4.5 miles with Jenn and Amy at Hinson Lake and then ran another 9 miles so in a roundabout way I did 33.5.

  In addition, Amy and I have been able to stay on track with a couple of 10 milers and another tough session of max effort hill repeats.  She did 41.5 miles at Hinson Lake, so with her in recovery mode and me beginning my taper for Oil Creek 100 this week there won't be much in the way of "training" going on.  But after all , that's what the Grand Experiment is all about. Trying to get fast enough for a marathon pr while maintaining my ultra schedule at least through January. I still got in some tempo intervals this week and the mileage will end up being about 70% of what I had been doing. Next week I'll cut it down to about 50% before the race. Hopefully if things go well by the time I recover Amy will be ready to go back on schedule.

 Karla's comeback race is at OBX in 6 weeks and she is running strong. We have a couple of more runs planned before I head to Pennsylvania and she still has  a few weeks before she will begin her taper. I look forward to running that one with her.

 Stay Tuned for further updates.

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