Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ok, if I have to. Umstead 08

Well I just spent two hours finally typing my report from Umstead and as I was finishing the last paragraph I hit something on my keyboard accidentally and it disappeared. I guess the story was not meant to be told.
So forget it. Here's the short version.

I didn't have a good day from mile 12 on. Got stupid and let my electrolytes get out of whack and ended up a staggering, dazed and confused shell of a runner between the start of the 6th loop and the next aid station. It had been chilly and raining and as I headed out on lap 6 I didn't think to put on dry clothes or grab a jacket so I became hypothermic although I never really felt cold. Dropped out because I couldn't think or walk straight let alone run. If I hadn't stopped when I did I would have collapsed on the trail within the next half mile. Wonderful volunteers helped get me back to the lodge where I was taken care of by Angels. The end.

Now on to the next one!

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