Saturday, January 27, 2018

Back to business, Winter Flight 8k and training

 It's time to get back to racing and serious training again with the next race in the Running Journal Grand Prix coming up tomorrow 1-28-18 in Salisbury NC, This is the only event in NC and has been on the circuit for awhile.

 I do have a little bit of a history with this race. It was formerly a 10 miler and I ran it in 1986 in a time of 68:48. I wish I could miraculously run that same pace for half the distance this year! In 1987 in was changed to the current 8k distance and I ran a 32:51 that year. I wouldn't return until 1999 when I ran it as my first race back after tearing up my knee the previous October playing soccer. My time of 41:47 although much slower was not a bad effort under the circumstances. I hope to be somewhere in the middle of that time range with a goal of 37:30. It's a rolling course so I'll have to have a great race to do that.

 Not to sound negative but I expect I may lose my small lead in the series because I know there are going to be several fast seniors competing. I just hope to collect as many points as possible and keep grinding away in the remaining events.

 As I noted in my last training update , things didn't go all that great after the marathon and my mileage has been down but for the last couple of weeks I;ve been running some strong workouts and I'm hoping that with fresh legs I'll race well and after the race I plan to get serious again with the training. It's time to get my weekly mileage back up to about normal and prepare for the next big events to close out the series and also get that Boston Qualifier.

 Stay tuned for results and a report.

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