Sunday, January 21, 2018


  I was just past the first half mile of my morning run along the country roads that make up my home course. Open fields all around as I climbed the steady grade in the light of dawn and then directly ahead the lifegiving golden orb broke on the horizon. Unintentional but it seems my timing was perfect to be in that spot at precisely that moment. To be honest I had really wanted to run later with the forecast for Spring like weather but my schedule allowed that this morning start at 34F was my only choice. I am glad it turned out to be so.
  As I ran on I began to think of the meaning of the dawn of a new day. As each new day comes yesterday is now but a memory. Good or bad it is done and nothing anyone can ever change that. This momen  is truly all that matters. For me in this moment it was just the next breath, the next step. I had no real plan going into the run other than to cover 10 miles if things went well.  And so I ran on with no expectations.
  Life is like that. We can't change the past nor can we predict the future but we can embrace the moment. And I accepted that and was happy in just the movement, nearly hypnotized by the rhythm of my footsteps, each inhale, each exhale.
  In the end it was a good run, a satisfying run. About as fast as I normally run without trying to push the pace. 10 miles in 1:29:13. Tomorrow is not guaranteed but if it comes for me I hope I can accept it for what it brings.

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