Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pilot Mountain Payback Trail Marathon Preview

I'm looking forward to some fun and racing at this event on Saturday. My training has been going very well and I'm feeling confident that I'll have a good run here. I do plan to race it hard but I haven't tapered for it although I will take a rest day on Friday. I hope to run well but I'm keeping the focus on the 100 coming up in 6 weeks.

I had several friends that ran last year and it looked like a fun race but it wasn't in my original plans for this year but I had to make an adjustment in my schedule so this fit in perfectly as a replacement. It is a beautiful park (link here)and I have visited there several times and driven by on Hwy 52 dozens and dozens of times over the years but have never run on the trails before.

I'm looking forward to riding up with Margo and meeting up with Ultramom Amy for some great trail running. I hear it has jut the one hill !

here is the race website

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