Saturday, June 12, 2010

No doubt about it , I was born to Boogie

What is it that causes us to want to return to the Boogie? On one hand it is a beautiful setting. A low-key event with many friends with a great race director and wonderful volunteers. There is something magical about running on those sparsely populated roads into the wee hours of the morning with the lightning bugs and sounds of the night.

On the other hand it is usually very hot and muggy on pavement and the other biting bugs of a southern summer evening.

Well, I can't explain why but I'm looking forward to returning to test myself on this course with it's unique challenge. And a test it will be with realy high temps for this years race. The predicted high for today in Ellerbe is 97F. At least after the first lap we'll have shade and cooler temperatures but still hot and humid. The last time I ran here was in 2008 with very disappointing results. I had been struggling with my hip and hamstring pain and dropped out after just 10 miles. The pain had gotten so bad I couldn't run up the hill the first time and was nearly in tears from the pain. It was then that I began steps to began my rehabilitation.

It has now been over 2 years that I have run over 50k so it will be interesting as I attempt to move into the long ultra world again. Although I have not been doing any ultra-specific training, my running has been going very well. I have focused mainly on marathon training and most of my ultra pr's were set after similar training in 2005 and 2006.

My plan has been to try for a 50 mile pr. Of course I was hoping for a bit milder weather so I may have to back off on what I was planning to aim for but with luck I may sill have a chance. Most of my 50 mile races have been on tough single track or mountain runs and my 50 mile pr is actually the 50 mile split on my way to my 100 mile pr at Rocky Raccoon in Feb. 2007.

For those of you new to the blog here is a video I made for the boogie.

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